About Darumbal Enterprises

Darumbal Enterprises primary function is to address issues relating to the social and economic disadvantage that are confronted by Darumbal people.

When there is any cultural heritage work to be performed for companies, members of the claim group we are employed to undertake these activities.


Darumbal Enterprises was established by Darumbal Native Title Applicants (QC97/21) on 10 May 2005 to take responsibility for the commercial business interests of the Darumbal community with regard to commercial business relating to native title, cultural heritage management, and other matters and interests.

In July 2012, authorising an Applicant in accordance with Section 66B of the Native Title Act, the following six people were appointed by the Darumbal people:

  • Warren Malone – Chairperson
  • Vanessa Ross – Treasurer
  • Doug Hatfield – Secretary
  • Malcolm Mann 
  • George James 
  • Naticia Meredith
  • Trevor Hatfield – Projects Coordinator.

Name of Trading Entity

The name of the organisation is Toonooba Darumbal Ltd as Trustee for the Darumbal Charitable Trust. There is also Darumbal Enterprises Pty Ltd which is responsible for the administration and cultural heritage work undertaken. The entity is a company limited by guarantee, which acts as Trustee to the Darumbal Charitable Trust. Darumbal Enterprises Pty Ltd is a normal Pty Ltd company, 100% owned by the Darumbal Charitable Trust.


The corporation has a 50% share a pastoral business operating on Coorumburra Station with the Barada, Barna, Kabalbarra and Yetimarla (BBKY) People and the business is operated through Coorumburra Rural Enterprises Pty Ltd ATF a Charitable Trust. The main enterprise is cattle with both a cattle breeding program and cattle agisted on the property.

The Charitable Trust has a wholly owned subsidiary company called Darumbal Enterprises. The main commercial activities carried out by the Enterprises company is cultural heritage work, plus administration for the Charitable Trust.

Social (Charitable) Activities

In addition to its business activities Toonooba Darumbal also has a Charitable Program to assist community members. The program can assist with the cost of medical, education, funeral and sporting expenses for members of the community who may not be able to personally afford these expenses. Additionally, the organisation has developed a language recording program.