Darumbal Language

The revitalization and example language words with their meanings

Some say that the Darumbal language is extinct. That is not the case, it is only due to a certain few of the Darumbal people who have pushed the Darumbal language to the forefront are we seeing the revitalisation. By learning their language, the Darumbal people are taking control of their cultural identity, thus maintaining the ages old traditions of passing on cultural knowledge to their descendants.

Some examples of Darumbal words and their meanings:

English Dharumbal Pronounciation
Hello Gudamulli Good-ar-mool-le
Corroboree / Dance Malgadi Marl-ga-de
Listen Yimba Yim-ba
Emu Gundulu Goond-oo-loo
Freshwater Turtle Milbi Mil-be

Some examples of geographical names:

English Name Dharumbal Name
Rockhampton Randu/Wura Nharni
Yeppoon Yipin
Marlborough Wandu Wangin
Moore’s Creek Mogool
Gracemere Badyul